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New CASQA Website Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that CASQA's new website will be launching very soon! Please note that during the transition process from the current website to the new website - Monday 12/2/13 - Friday, 12/6/13, no purchases will be able to be made through the CASQA online store. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please contact us if you have a purchase that must be made during that week. All other parts of the current website will be visible and functional during the transition time.

CASQA Bi-weekly Update - Week of Dec 2 2013
In this Update: 
1.  Upcoming CASQA Committee / Subcommittee meetings / conference calls – The following Committee / Subcommittee meetings / calls are planned for the next 2 weeks:...Read more
2.  Position openings / Opportunities – As a service to its members, CASQA lists announcements of position openings and opportunities provided by CASQA members.
• Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District: Request for Qualification (RFQ) for On-Call Services for Hydrology and Hydraulic studies, Fluvial Geomorphology Assessment, and Flood Control Facility Design and Conditions Assessment: Filing deadline: December 18, 2013; 5:00 pm
...Read more

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Now two options for qualifying as a QSD

In July 2013 the State Water Board launched a new, second option for individuals with specified licenses to become or renew as a Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) (Note: this second option does not apply to QSPs). For information visit the California Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (CBPELSG) Licensed QSD Training Program at:

The basic differences in the two options for qualifying or renewing as a QSD are shown in this table

QSP and QSD Renewal Process

On October 23, 2012 CASQA and the Office of Water Programs (OWP) launched a new online renewal process for QSD and QSP certificate holders.  Early renewal is allowed up to 90 days* prior to expiration and new expiration dates will be set exactly 2 years after current expiration dates for both early and on-time renewals.  The system is set to send automatic emails to QSDs and QSPs 90 and 21 days prior to their certification expiration dates.**  QSDs and QSPs who do not renew before their expiration dates will be allowed to renew but at an additional cost.  The new expiration date for late renewals will be exactly 2 years after the renewal date.

Certificate holders who do not renew before expiration should take note that the Public Lookup tool now shows “Active” and “Expired” status for every listing, so renewing before expiration will ensure uninterrupted listing as a qualified QSD or QSP.

Renewal requires review of training materials that were developed to keep the QSD and QSP updated on the latest issues affecting permit compliance.  This training material, called CGP Review, will be updated annually.  The current CGP Review (Issue #1) addresses the regulators’ top concerns regarding permit interpretation and compliance.  Having their insight will help you understand how your construction site and documents will be assessed and the permit enforced.  This issue also addresses recent permit changes.  TheCGP Review can be accessed from the renewal website.         

Renewing is easy:  

1.     Log into the online system.  If you do not already have an online account, you can create one from the login page:

     2.     Confirm that your underlying certification is current

     3.     Confirm that you have read the most current version of the CGP Review as posted on the renewal website

     4.     Pay a renewal fee:

Renew before current expiration date:   $ 95

Renew after current expiration date:    $ 115

Upon successful renewal, the system will send an updated QSP/QSD certificate with the new expiration date. 

First-time QSD and QSP candidates are also required to review the CGP Review material, which will be especially important for those who have had a substantial lapse in time between training and examination.

As always, if you have questions about the QSD/QSP online system, call the OWP help desk at (916) 278-6142, M–F: 8 am–noon, 1–4 pm Pacific Time.

* Renewal more than 90 days in advance of expiration is not allowed as information and renewal requirements will change over time.

** QSDs and QSPs with certificate expiration dates before January 21, 2013, will receive one email reminder - 21 days before your certificate expires.


How do I become a QSD or QSP?

To become qualified as a QSP/QSD and receive a certificate you will need to take training (in person) and
the exam (online), and have received a secondary certificate of underlying (pre-requisite) certification / registration from one of the organizations listed in the Construction General Permit.

Here are the steps:

1) Take QSD and/or QSP Training Course in-person, click here for calendar of upcoming classes

2) Go to the OWP Website and Register (create login) and pay $125.00 fee (good for 2 years), click here to get started. 

3) Provide proof of another qualification or registration (in addition to QSD and/or QSP). For more information, see the website for the State Water Resources Control Board's Storm Water Program (question #26), click here 

4) Take and pass the online test at the OWP Website. Your certificate will be emailed to the email address you have provided.


OWP Help Desk contact:

Weekdays only: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8am – 12 and 1 – 4pm. 
Phone: 916 278-6142. 
email :


Other links for QSD and QSP Information:

  • Applicant FAQs - for frequently asked questions - click here

  • Update your contact information on the OWP website - click here to Login 

  • Checking the qualification status of a QSD or QSP? - Use the OWP look-up tool for QSDs and QSPs by last name and/or certificate number - click here

  • Looking for a QSD or QSP? - use zip code for look-up - click here.

  • To report a complaint against a QSD or QSP, click here

QSD and QSP Public Lookup Tool - New features:

We made some changes to the QSD and QSP Public Lookup Tool of which we want to make sure you are aware.

Contact Information

The QSD and QSP Public Lookup lists contact information for those certificate holders who have chosen to make their information available to the public.

The decision to list yourself publicly is entirely yours:  you may choose to keep all your contact information hidden or you may choose to have your contact information reflect your home or your business address. 

The process bywhich you make that choice has changed and we think it is important for you to take a moment to follow the steps below to ensure that your listing accurately reflects your choice.

    1.     Log in to the OWP site at and go to the Contact Information tab.  You will be able to edit your home and business address and email information from this site.

    2.     Click on the QSD and QSP Exams tab andscroll to the Share Contact with Public section at the bottom of the page to choose whether or not your information is released through the Public Lookup tool.  (Note that even if you choose not to release your contact information, the following information will still be available to the public:  your name, your certificate number and expiration date, and your underlying certificate information.)

Because the information listed is in your control, you are responsible for keeping it current.  Please remember to update your listing if you change jobs, move to a new address, or change your email address.

Nearby QSD and QSP Search

We have launched a new feature of the QSD and QSP Public Lookup tool.   Now, anyone searching for a qualified developer or practitioner can search by zip code and specify a radius of 10, 25, or 50 miles so the records displayed will be within that area.  The results displayed in the list are sorted by the distance (from closest to farthest) from the zip code entered. Each record also carries a “map it” feature that shows exactly where the address is located.  Check it out—see where you’re listed!

The QSD and QSP Public Lookup tool is located here:

Since the accuracy of the information displayed is controlled by each QSD and QSP, this presents a good opportunity to double-check to make sure your record appears correctly.  If you want to make any changes, you can do so by going to the Contact Information tab after logging in: